Raga Blues – Raga Jog from House Concerts Mumbai (Video)

Raga Jog from House Concert Mumbai with Rakshanand Panchal, tabla; two original compositions in Teental (16 beats). 
This concert was quite the experience! After traveling for over two hours in traffic to south Mumbai, miraculously finding the only parking space for miles (that also happened to be directly opposite the venue), I performed in a small living room to an enthusiastic and welcoming audience. I would even say we captivated them.

I remember one young guitarist was asking me at the end of the concert, what techniques I used that “were not classical Indian” and how my background as a western guitar player influences my playing. I explained that this classical music is a deepened, more nuanced perspective on technique than the blues, rock or whatever he was expecting from me. For instance, you bend a note on the guitar, it has an affect. However, on my slide guitar, the bend is quantified; how far to stretch the note, how long to stand on one note, when to come back. Hammer on and hammer of is called krintan, bending is meend, back and forth between two notes bending is gamak.

So I wanted him to know, I’m not playing “western” techniques on an Indian instrument. I am using the classical techniques on a relatively new instrument. The classical style is exciting, dynamic and above all, moving. Indian classical music is the music of the past, now and future.

You want to shred? Practice alankars and bol patterns.


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